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Mary Jane

Ok, another thing that bothers me, yea I post too much, and should probably be posting in my own community...but Mary Jane and Peter need to get back together. I think it was 45 of Amazing? Maybe, where Doctor Octupus and the new Doc Ock battle it out, and then at the end Peter, Aunt May, and Mary Jane are all eating pie...

Now that I have rambled about the issue. Why does she tell him to wait for her?? I find that very selfish. If she can't be with him right now, she needs to back off. Peter is going to wait for her regardless. I think it just bothered me how needy she sounded when she was still pushing him away. I don't really know what my question was originally supposed to be, but I just wanted to put that out there.

Oh, and if you want to see my pretty community, which I'm apparently not posting in, let me know.

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